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A New Summer

So, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight over the last few months and I’m glad to say that I now weigh about 255. I started the year over 300 and I think it’s super important to me being healthier that I share with everyone. I’m still not super confident in myself but this summer I’m going to work extra hard to change that. A friend of my mum’s has offered me her bicycle since I won’t be leaving C-falls much this summer and to help save some money. My diet has gone from what the dining hall says I’m eating to what I say I’m eating. Speaking of what I’m eating:




Dem colors…OOoooooo

Now aren’t you jealous? It’s really not hard, but it does take time. Also, where I’m currently at it’s really expensive. Starfruit is the cheapest “exotic” fruit I can afford. Blood oranges are a close second. Both are good though.

I’ve been spending more time in my tiny kitchen (I’ve got a rent free situation this summer in a nice two bedroom) than I thought I ever would. I was going to more Keto stuff but I’ve found a happy place in my diet. Chia seeds keep you so full!

I won’t lie, I have lost steam for this blog and most things lately. I know I say in a lot of them that I’m going to work harder at creating more posts and then I never follow through. So I’m just going to go ahead and say I’ll see you when I see you and hopefully I’m down another 50lbs by then.

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Exploring International Cuisine In A Small Mountain Town: Dave’s Sushi

Winter Break is here! Woo! Finals are over, grades (that I haven’t looked at) are in, and everyone is leaving campus. The roads are terrible and the weather is negative. The SO and I decided that we weren’t going to try to beat traffic and deal with everyone trying to drive over the Continental Divide at once so we waited a few days for the traffic to die down. We stayed at his place in FGH, as they closed my dorm on Saturday, and I had no where to stay. We didn’t want to kill each other after the weekend was up and that was really great to learn. It was nice to just relax and enjoy each other’s company for a while, and on Sunday night we went out to a local restaurant called Dave’s Sushi.


We had been here one time before, but it had been a very long time since then. We went back in early 2015 we we first were together. Dave’s Sushi is a very hip eatery. It can only sit 81 people, so it gets crowded fast. In the summer they do have patio dining, but we haven’t had a chance to experience that yet. Just FYI, they don’t accept reservations for groups smaller than 7. You may have a bit of a wait depending on the night that you go. They are open 7 days a week and usually go until about 930-10 on most days. They are a little more on the spendier side, but with this being Montana the prices aren’t that bad for our land-locked, no local fish market scene.

They have a pretty lengthy drinks menu, but no hard alcohol. They have beer, wine, and sake. We’ve had a few of their sakes before and our favorite is the House Sake. Our waitress was incredibly fast with taking our order.


We started the evening with an order of edemame (blanched soy beans) sprinkled with kosher salt. You can’t really screw up edemame, but the shells were soft and warm; the beans were firm, but cooked.


We ordered a large bottle of sake, and I got the black cup. Their House Sake is served warm and it was the perfect temperature. I’m always nervous ordering a warm sake because there is such a thing as overheating it and it ruins it. But ours was perfect. The finish is soft and there isn’t that regretful burning sensation in your throat like there is with certain sake. It also isn’t mixed with a fruit which is definitely a plus. I haven’t liked any of the fruity sake that I’ve tried.

Make time at Dave’s Sushi isn’t that bad. In some sushi places they take forever to get your food out to you, but Dave’s is very fast. I think between placing our food order and getting it was only about 15 to 20 minutes in a fully packed restaurant.


Round one!

They had a great special the night that we went. It didn’t have a name it just listed the ingredients.


I can’t remember what was in it, because I [s]forgot a notebook to write everything down with[/s] forgot to write things down because I was to busy eating. What is topping it though is something I hadn’t had before. From what Patrick and I could decipher, was tobiko soaked in a habenero-mango juice concoction. It was spicy and delicious and I could have eaten just that with a spoon.

We also had the “Le Possion” (the one topped with salmon) and the “Grave Danger” (the one topped with spicy tuna and black sesame seeds). I picked out the Le Possion and Patrick picked the Grave Danger. Ingredients were super fresh. The cilantro mayo on top of the salmon was different, and was recurring throughout the menu. It was nice on the Le Possion but it accompanied two of our rolls in round two, which I will get to in a moment. The Grave Danger had a bite to it, and I very much thought it was going to be too much for me to handle. I love spicy but can’t take much heat (because I’m a wuss). But once again I was pleasantly surprised. Everything combines so well in your mouth that it didn’t even dawn on me that it was hot until the burning started to build in my mouth. Much water was consumed this evening.


I would recommend all three of these roles to someone. They are delicious and complex.



The second round confused me a bit when we got it. I thought two of the rolls were the same. I was wrong when I bit into them, but they totally look alike.


This round we got what we loving dubbed “The 80’s Platter”. (From left to right) The David Hasslehoff, S’Happening, and Thai-na-mite. The David Hasslehoff is the other roll that came with the cilantro mayo. It was also topped with a bit of fresh lime juice and for me that didn’t work. It was still good, but the flavor fell a little flat for me. The Thai-na-mite was topped with green curry sauce, which was really good. This one had cilantro on the inside, which made me feel a little cilantro’d out. It was in everything. The S’Happening was my favorite of the three. It had the least amount of ingredients but was still very flavorful.


In conclusion, we left full of good sushi, good memories, and good sake. I highly recommend Dave’s Sushi to anyone needing their raw fix after skiing up at Big Sky. They do have other things on the menu, but what’s the point of going to a sushi restaurant if you’re nothing going to order sushi. 9/10


Adventures in Life: Work, Hobbies, and Daily Coffee

So, I could not think of a better title for this blog post. It has been so long since I have posted, I haven’t had time to keep everything updated. Work has been super busy, but you know, orders get backed up when you’re down for a month because on an explosion. I was happy with 36-48 hours a week until I got a taste of that 72 hour paycheck. It almost makes being absolutely exhausted worth it. Haha.

My roommates finally sold their house, which is so awesome! The one they are building should be done in a few months and I am excited to move in. I have never lived in a new construction before. I know that doesn’t seem like anything to anyone else but me, but I think it’s so cool to be the first people to live in a house. You don’t find out about the crazy stuff later, because there isn’t any.

I have not been sleeping a lot lately. And when I do sleep all I have is nightmares. So that’s really awful. Hopefully once life calms back down again, they will stop and I can get some real sleep. I’ve considered getting a FitBit to measure the quality of my sleep, because obviously when I’m asleep I can’t monitor myself. I’m still looking into it.

The Sherlock blanket is still in foundation rows. I’ve frogged it twice already, and I will not do it a third time. It’s a great graph, it just took me forever to figure out to achieve color changes in the foundation row. I’ve since given up on that and I am doing rows of dark brown and then I’ll start the color changes. It’s not the way I want to do it, but I’ve come up with a way to make it more sophisticated without it falling apart on me.

I am helping Flathead High School with their Alice In Wonderland play this year. My roommate is directing and she asked if I would help. my response was “Me, children, and sewing machines… life lessons will be learned.” The wording may be changed just a little bit because I couldn’t find then text. I have faith that they will do very well. Hopefully I have all the days off I’m scheduled to have off so I can get this show on the road (but ooooooooh, those 72 hour paychecks).

Oh, on the subject of work. I have been offered (and I accepted) a permanent full time position at Plum Creek. Once everything goes through, I will officially be a 4th generation Plum Creek employee. That is a huge deal for me, and I think everyone in my family is proud of me.

With helping out at the school and working all the time, I’m going to be very busy. I’m going to start prop building on the side for for cosplayers too. That’s still in the process of processing. I don’t think I’d be able to do anything to huge (space, funds, and stuff) but I went a little crazy on Pinterest with props and cosplay ideas. If I could do any costume right now it would be Nightengale Armor from Skyrim. I love the way it looks. BUT! To the shower with me!

See you guys later 🙂


A New Job, A New Life, And You’re Such a Frakin Dick (NSFW(or mums): Language)

So, Hello! 

I’ve started a new job. I work at Plum Creek for MDF. It’s really hard work but it’s super fun. I make bank. My life is good.

I’ve got a new life starting up. I’ve got friends and family that care about me. And… my life is damn good.


Now, to explain the third sentence. 

For a very long time I was sure that a certain someone was out of my life. I’ve blocked them from the websites that I could, and refused calls and texts from them. But… I logged into Netflix tonight and it asked if I wanted to resume my viewing of “Orange is the New Black” and I stopped myself and thought.For those of you that don’t know, I don’t care for drama shows like that (or whatever it is) I read the story back in 2010/2011 and I wasn’t impressed. So, you can imagine my suprise when I go to my viewing activity and there are quite a few shows I HAVEN’T BEEN WATCHING! I’m not saying it was that person, but he’s the only person I know that would do that. He lives his life with the mentality that if he can get it out of you for free, then why not just take it from you. Why should he have to pay. He never paid rent, bills, or for food when we were together. When he did pay for something I’d certainly be guilted about it. That went on FOREVER! Well, it felt like forever. I paid for 7 months for him to just sit around and play video games and bitch about how hot it was. 

But hell, do I miss his parents. He has a great set of parents, and in no way do I blame them for the way he turned out. They took us in, they fed us and they cared for us. As soon as getting our own place became a real thing and he was gonna have to start paying bills, the fucker split. I know somewhere along that line I became the bad guy in his story. But I wasn’t. It was my one rule that if you don’t want to be with me just say it, and boy did he say in. In front of the new girl’s house. Said it had been a while, said that I wasn’t the one for him… blah-de-fuckin-blah. Comes crying back to me the next day, about how sorry he was. I was pissed. I still kinda am. You don’t treat people like they have a hold button. I don’t stop existing just because you wanted to sleep with someone else. And I know this probably sounds like I’m making this up, but I’m not. I was hurt, more than I ever have in my life. And I’m mad that I let myself get hurt like that. I loved that man, more than he deserved and more than he knew. I wanted to make that shit work.

He kept texting after that… you’ve probably read that post (my loyal band of 12 followers) when I blew up at him then, to stop texting. And finally I had some peace. It was great. It was a great time…

Then this, I’ve dealt with shit from him on and off since then, but never something this intrusive. The woman at Netflix called him a dick (in the most polite and tactful way). 

I’m happier without him. I am. I can say that and know that I know I am. But you can never get away from shit like your past if it keeps watching shows on your netflix account. 

I know I’ve used some strong words here. I know that I am angry about the situation, and I will need to let it go completely someday. But the anger I have had towards the situation has motivated me to become a better person. Seek out a (extremely) well paying job, find a home with my amazing roommates who love me for who I am and all of my quirks, and be able to do the things I love in life again without being judged and mocked for them. I love what my life has become. This warm happy sunny bubble that I live in. 

“Show me your garden, and I’ll tell you who you are.”


A Birthday, A Cold, and A Season 3

So, I’m 23 now! YAY! As of last Friday. And I had an amazing party. It was the first real birthday i have had (as an adult) where I wasn’t going it alone or spending it hugging the toilet because of food poisoning/spending it with someone else’s family. I got to have a real party with friends. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve had fun at my birthday. I didn’t get off until late, because it’s never really mattered to me about going out and about and enjoying myself. This year I had friends switch shifts and what not, and I made an attempt to switch mine too. That doesn’t work out for anyone who has a birthday on Valentine’s day. If you don’t request it off, you don’t get it off. That and that Saturday was a Canadian holiday (Family Day) and we were SUPER busy at work. It’s not that I didn’t plan on going out, I just didn’t expect to be actually going out. I’ve got a few nice bruises from that night that are still fading and everyone found out that I wasn’t lying when I said I sucked at beer pong. Seriously, I suck at it and no matter what you say, I’m never going to be any better at it, it’s not my sport. My mum told me how gross beer pong was and my only excuse was “Well, when you’re a certain level of drunk…” and it went from there. I’ve never had anyone ever buy me drinks just because it was my birthday. So that was actually kind of nice. Random people showing up and saying “Hey, you’re the birthday girl. I’ll get you a shot!” Somehow… the whole bar knew it was my birthday. I met new people too. Which is weird for me. A guy tried to pick me up on the way outta the bar, which has NEVER happened before. Needless to say, I didn’t go home with him, but it was pretty funny. 

When great events happen, greater things happen. Because of all of this, I WALKED AWAY WITH A COLD! Seriously, and not a fun one. That’s right the girl it takes undercooked seafood to take down got a cold. I… do not like it. I’m in the last legs of it now and I still don’t like it. It is WAY to expensive to be sick. Cold medicines, cough drops, tissues (Thanks for the Puffs, Mum), chapstick, hand sanitizer. That crap adds up fast. Guests are work that are all concerned that I am there to infect them and their families (Being sick is no excuse for missing work, those people count on you to be there), coworkers avoid you like the plague, and you are never without a tissue in hand or a lozenge in your mouth. I didn’t look great the past few days that I worked, but thankfully I have an schedule that rotates my days this week so I work one day and have the next one off. I’ve caught up on my sleep, which is super nice. But at the same time it hurts to leave the bed, so sleep has just been happening.
One thing I have noticed, and I don’t think that people do it, is that as soon as you cough or sneeze around one person, that person has a frakin medical degree and will tell you everything you need to do to get better. Seriously, I coughed once at work in front of someone and they launched into everything that they do when they are sick and that I need to be really vigilant because I will get bronchitis if I don’t do the things she told me to do. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the concern, but at the same time, I think I’ve got this. Yes, I am rarely one for being under the weather, but still, I know how to make myself better.

But yes, a birthday isn’t complete without a present. Some people may count the cold I got, but that was a gift from everyone. I bought myself a present. I bought myself GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3!!!!

Image Seriously! Look how pretty it is! The CG wasn’t great on the DVD, but I never expect it to be perfect. On bluray I’m sure it will be magical. I was so happy to finally see it. It’s been a year since it came out and so much has gone to crap in that time frame that it was great to finally be able to watch something like this again. 


If you haven’t guess I am a huge fan of fantasy. I’ll give almost anything a try once. And this one is pretty magical. I like to think that one day something I write will evolve into a great show like this one. We all can have dreams. 🙂


Well, I’m done for the night. Hope everyone has a great rest of February. 


Sherlock Series 3, Episode 3

So, watched Sherlock tonight (as I posted about our predicting earlier on facebook). Never during a show have I hated, loved, been defeated, recovered and almost been physically ill as much as I did during “His Last Vow”. I know some of you may think I’m being a tab hyperbolic, I’m not. I have only ever grasped my mouth with both my hands when Sirus died. I have only ever held backs gasps and angry outbursts the way I did, when David left Rose on the beach. I cried about as hard as I did when I found out that Tara doesn’t make it (still haven’t seen it and I won’t). I didn’t know a tv show could have caused the amount of emotion that I felt and that is still resonating through me. 

I don’t think I have ever posted about a television show and the way it effected me. This isn’t a significant post, this isn’t a rant, and this isn’t me almost burning down the house again because I decided to follow a recipe. If you haven’t watched any of Sherlock, I think you should. Deep down, I really mean that. 

                  He’s even smirking 🙂

Happy New Year From The Half Ginger and Resolutions

So, hello everyone! Brand new year! I welcomed it with an phenomenal headache, but I’ll post anyway! Because that’s what bloggers do! I guess! So this past year, I don’t think I made a resolution, this year I’m going to make a few.


Resolution One:  (oh yes, fancy formatting skills)

No Dating. I’m not dating anyone. I will not be starting a relationship this year, nor will I be ending one. I’m remaining in my current relationship status for the entire year. I made this decision a while ago, because I have things I need to work on, things best sorted out by one’s self. 


Resolution Two:

Finish a first draft. Of anything really. But more importantly, writing. I’ve only ever gotten to the point of when my character’s life is going to change forever and then stopped, because really, they have had a good life and they don’t really need it to change. They are happy in their non-adventurous life, and I can never seem to want to destory that.


Speaking of adventures…


Resolution Three:  

Go on a real adventure. That’s right, no longer will I consider everything I do an adventure (even if they still are), I want to go on a big adventure. I don’t know where, or with whom, or at what time. I know that’s just something that I want to do.


Resolution Four:

Skills. I need more of them. Not just the ones that I have, because they are not all that useful in the real world. I need to contribute something to someone. Maybe I’ll do blankets or something like that for needy kids/pets/adults. Maybe I’ll volunteer with Meals of Wheels. I feel like I haven’t done enough to improve the world around me, and I want to change that.


Resolution Five: 

Go Back To School. See the one thing I never thought of when I dropped out of Ai, is that nothing I learned there had any credit towards me. And I don’t just mean that I went to an unaccredited school, because I did, and none of those credits transfer, because they don’t. I mean everything that I learn there means nothing without an EXTREMELY expensive piece of paper. So, back to school with me. I’ll probably start with FVCC again and work from there, but this time with somewhat of a goal to achieve.  


Resolution Six: 

Do Crafty Things. I just saw a post over on From Michigan to Montana where tons of amazing crafts had been done this past year. So, I’m going to be more crafty and self sufficient this year. Hopefully my roommates can handle it. 


So, there are my six resolutions. I could have had five, but that would have been silly. haha. 

I am going to finish the mushroom blanket. That should be on there too… I really like that idea.

Everyone have a happy New Year from The Half Ginger!