My Process and ASMR Tissue Time

I like projects where I can be absolutely creative and just have fun and that was with the A/V Project. By the time I got around to it I was up for 30 hours and I was pushing myself so hard, but I feel like how ridiculous I was really played to my strengths. My other idea, and I had it after I turned it in because of course that’s when I had a better idea, was to just rub the tissue together and have my commentary be a scrolling text section. Because I think that’s funny. ASMR Tissue Time.

Even though the issues seems hilarious, I think it’s something that a lot of people deal with on a daily basis and I think it needs attention drawn to it. I know I didn’t write a script for it because that just wouldn’t have been me and with something as personal as what you use to clean yourself, I felt it was necessary to actually just be myself in the video. That way my audience would have connected with me on a more personal level.

After I made the video I was sick in bed all weekend with a headache that felt like it was going to crack my skull, which is why this blog post is late (and ultimately why the other post is going to be late). I can only hope that the school sees my video and understands that it isn’t ultimately cheaper because we go through so much of the stuff. Knowing how the internet works that isn’t going to happen but I can always dream.

There was a lot of stuff that I wish I had done, I had different plans for the project but I needed assistance to film certain parts and I couldn’t find anyone who was available at the same times I was and it just kinda imploded. So instead we’re given a video of me just telling you how it is and I feel like that made a good video.

There were certain things that I could have done differently. I could have shot it with a fun time lapse where the camera is the viewer and I’m explaining my anger while standing outside the bathroom. Or over coffee where in frame there is a coffee mug and I’m talking with the camera, but my confidence fell through on those. I’m safe recording in my room and I’ve been recording in public so much lately that it was nice to not feel the pressure of having to be in front of a camera, in public, being weary that at any moment a manager was going to come over and ask me to put the camera away or ask me to leave. *shudders* Too much confrontation.

Overall I had fun with this project, I got to work on my digital tracking a lot and it still didn’t pay off entirely, but that gives me something to work on in the future (I’m also considering a career in video editing, perhaps, who knows at this point).


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