“Is the End of Sunday Contingent on When I Go to Bed or When Actual Time Restarts” and Other Stupid Questions

Another day, another process reflection. Let us talk about the e-poster that I published, discovered broken, found as a broken file on my computer, restarted the project at midnight, only for the program to crash a few hours later (I didn’t save because I get cocky when I’m drinking), and I restarted it once again at 3:30 Sunday morning and finished at 7am. It is a project that I’m not that proud of anymore, but I was much too tired and much too drunk/in headache world to do much else. The program I used was Inkscape, a program I haven’t had issues with in the past and that I use to create things all the time. For some reason, every time I try to do a project for this class my  PC freaks out and decides it is going to have all of the problems.

Image result for all the problems gif

Anyway, I did my poster on a slice of what I hope to include in my CPE. As my project has a lot to do with the evolution of the horror story I thought it was only fitting that I would do the poster on the different elements that a CreepyPasta has and somewhat discuss how a future writer could handle and combine all the most popular elements that create a CreepyPasta. It is a list based on information I’ve gathered from my own experiences while reading as well as data collected by others interested in the the formulas behind the stories that have captured the attention of so many. Creepypastas are more accessible to ordinary people and almost everyone at this point knows who Slenderman is (whether it is the original stories, the film, or the attempted murder). Most CreepyPastas are short and episodic in nature, their stories have a tendency to cliffhang which can inspire some readers to stick with the author writing or go a different route and just accept that cliffhang. Even though they are all horror stories, more people read them. People who would normally not read anything in the genre. It is something I want to cover in my CPE because the growth of the audience is definitely something that deserves to be looked at.



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