CPE Process Reflection

I am falling asleep as I write this. It was no fault of this class or this project it is because I’ve been up for 4 days with about, erm, 5 hours of nightmare inducing sleep. So that’s been fun, bring on the scary things!

Overall this project was fun. Like most things I grew to large to quick and lost view of my project. I was trying so hard to fit everything into a 10 minute video and realized that by the time I was getting to what I thought was the point that I hadn’t actually said anything and I was running in circles trying to get organized. In the version I finally settled on I take a few small jabs at Stephen King (he has my ideal life, I’m allowed to poke fun) and I get to tie in some of my favorite movies as well.

I talk in my CPE about how the emergence of Creepypastas have impacted the horror genre in a positive way. How the genre needed a way to utilize technological advances of the new age to help stay relevant. I talk about how there are more casual readers of horror.

Originally, I wanted to set this up as how Creepypasta narrators produce their videos. Usually it’s just royalty and fee free stock footage with spooky music under it and then their narration. The stock footage usually follows a theme with the story being told and I’ve even seen some where the narrator takes you through a house and the video changes based on the room the narrator is describing. I quickly realized that while that may work for pieces that have an intrinsic story to them, it wouldn’t work with my project. I don’t sit there and tell you about the weird and other-worldly customers I get at the gas station I work at in the middle of nowhere. That’s a story you can get into and the stock footage doesn’t really matter. Mine did matter. I very much constructed a video that needed some way of holding the attention of the viewer. So I used clips from The Ring, IT, and Slenderman to help break up just the monotony of my talking.

I wrote out a script that was over 8 pages and wasn’t close to being done. Usually I don’t write scripts so that was a new experience for me. Most of my projects I just wing it and keep what sounds good. But I had fallen behind and didn’t have time to sit there and do nine takes of the same bit of writing. I also learned that I need to work on my own handwriting, because while it is nice and flowy, it’s damn hard to read it. If I were writing letters to soldiers in the civil war it would be crap, but for this day and age it’s nice. How many kids can write in cursive, eh?

I do think I’m going to take a break from video editing because I’ve burned myself out on it.


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