Happy New Year From The Half Ginger and Resolutions

So, hello everyone! Brand new year! I welcomed it with an phenomenal headache, but I’ll post anyway! Because that’s what bloggers do! I guess! So this past year, I don’t think I made a resolution, this year I’m going to make a few.


Resolution One:  (oh yes, fancy formatting skills)

No Dating. I’m not dating anyone. I will not be starting a relationship this year, nor will I be ending one. I’m remaining in my current relationship status for the entire year. I made this decision a while ago, because I have things I need to work on, things best sorted out by one’s self. 


Resolution Two:

Finish a first draft. Of anything really. But more importantly, writing. I’ve only ever gotten to the point of when my character’s life is going to change forever and then stopped, because really, they have had a good life and they don’t really need it to change. They are happy in their non-adventurous life, and I can never seem to want to destory that.


Speaking of adventures…


Resolution Three:  

Go on a real adventure. That’s right, no longer will I consider everything I do an adventure (even if they still are), I want to go on a big adventure. I don’t know where, or with whom, or at what time. I know that’s just something that I want to do.


Resolution Four:

Skills. I need more of them. Not just the ones that I have, because they are not all that useful in the real world. I need to contribute something to someone. Maybe I’ll do blankets or something like that for needy kids/pets/adults. Maybe I’ll volunteer with Meals of Wheels. I feel like I haven’t done enough to improve the world around me, and I want to change that.


Resolution Five: 

Go Back To School. See the one thing I never thought of when I dropped out of Ai, is that nothing I learned there had any credit towards me. And I don’t just mean that I went to an unaccredited school, because I did, and none of those credits transfer, because they don’t. I mean everything that I learn there means nothing without an EXTREMELY expensive piece of paper. So, back to school with me. I’ll probably start with FVCC again and work from there, but this time with somewhat of a goal to achieve.  


Resolution Six: 

Do Crafty Things. I just saw a post over on From Michigan to Montana where tons of amazing crafts had been done this past year. So, I’m going to be more crafty and self sufficient this year. Hopefully my roommates can handle it. 


So, there are my six resolutions. I could have had five, but that would have been silly. haha. 

I am going to finish the mushroom blanket. That should be on there too… I really like that idea.

Everyone have a happy New Year from The Half Ginger!



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