Happy Christmas and Store Bought Jerky

So, I’ve decided, that I’m going to go hunting next year. I have never gone hunting, but I’m going to talk to my grandfather about doing it. For one, store bought jerky doesn’t even compare in taste and, for two, because it’s apart of my plan to become less reliable on grocery stores. If I can learn how to hunt then I wouldn’t need to buy meat as a necessity, and if I can help my roommate Ky with a garden, no need to buy veggies! TA-DA! It’s like magic or something!

I will learn how to do this, a lot of not relying on things is skills that are becoming more and more lost. Ky made apple butter the other night, and it was AMAZING! Not everyone gets apple butter, and I had never had it before, and I felt super cool! It was so tasty! Ky put it (piping hot) on this awesome bread and I was all NOM NOM NOM! Next year I want to help make it! From what I can tell, it’s just a lot of waiting, but it’s good smells while waiting. 

Also with ingredients. I’m looking at this bag of jerky. It’s techincally beef jerky. But it’s beef flavored. WHY DOES BEEF NEED TO BE BEEF FLAVORED? The first ingredient is beef! 

Well now it’s stuck in my teeth… 

That was awkward for my teeth. 

Now I’m eating almonds. 

Oh, and yes. Happy Christmas! To everyone! I’m not religious but I like to celebrate the bringing together of my family. I think I am most excited to be home for it all. I wasn’t last year. And I was quite sad about the whole thing. Not that I let it show. 

But now, as I sit here, drinking caffeine at 2 am and I have to work at 1030. I know I’m going to be told today that the person I am helping “can’t believe that I have to work on Chirstmas Eve.” and I am going to have to try very hard not to respond with “it’s because of you that I have to work today.” Because that would be mean. Because they are the reason I work everyday. I just find it funny that people can’t believe I have to work I have to work on what is considered a holiday, when they are in my store on that day considered a holiday. Same thing happened on Thanksgiving. 


But I’m off to watch more SyFy movies. I would say they are horror movies… but that’s a given based on their lack of budget. 


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