Trip Destination EXPOSED!

So, since I leave in the morning, I thought I would tell you all where I am going. I am going to…


Specifically, Columbia Falls! I’m excited!

I’m hoping to find work there so that Bryant and I can finally stop living with our parents and have our own place again. I totally appreciate everything that his family has done for us and everything my family has done for me, but I am tired of not having my own place. I get to see the family tuesday morning at the train station in Whitefish and I can’t wait. I haven’t seen anyone in over a year and I miss everyone terribly. 

There is a lot I have missed out on. People I will never see again and people who I’m not too sure want to see me. It’s a big step going back to find work and I’m going to soldier on until I’m in a good place again. 

SO! My next post will be from my home town! See you all then!