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Adventures In Baking and Other Tall Tales

So, Hello everyone. It has been a few days. Longer than a few days. But I’m somewhat settled in Montana, Bryant isn’t here with me and I miss him like when you miss the bus and you’re late to work and nothing in the whole world can make up for the loss and anxiety you feel. I miss him like that. 

I do have a job, finally. I work at Super 1 Foods Bakery. It’s a really fun job, really labor intensive though. I’ve made tons of things. I can’t take pictures of my adventures though, because I can’t have my phone in the bakery with me. So instead of taking pictures of all the muffins, breads, and icings I make I just get to hold onto them in my mind and you can live vicariously through my thoughts. 

My first day at work was hectic. I had no idea what to expect from it and I can’t tell you now that a bakery is more than doughnuts. I’m still hoping for a better job though. If I can get a really great one that isn’t seasonal, then Bryant and I can be together again. I don’t care if we live here in Montana, or we live over in Washington. I just want to be with him.

Day two in the bakery, we actually finished early. So they sent me around cleaning everything and boy was that a load off. I still don’t know when things come in or when shipments are arranged. I just know I’m told to do something and I do it. But yeah, finished early on my second day. That is pretty cool!

I hung out with a friend of mine last night. I really missed hanging out with her. We talked for a long while, had a nice country rib dinner, and then had FroYo. She’s such a great person! She’s been one of the greatest friends that I have had my entire life. Her husband is pretty cool too. I’m really glad I have both of them in my life.

I stopped drinking soda (for the most part). I have been drinking Cascade Ice Naturally Flavored Sparking Water. I like the Pomegranate Mango and Raspberry Lemon flavors. All that is in it is water, carbonation, and fruit extract. That is IT! And it’s really tasty. The carbonation doesn’t last as long as soda so when I go to drink it I drink more of it than I would soda. I drink soda for bubbles, I drink this instead. Needs more bubbles. 

I’m sorta planning on starting an herb garden. I do want to and I don’t want too. The reason I do want to is because I love growing things. I don’t want to start one if I move back to Washington and I can’t bring them with me. So i’m torn on that.  

But everything is going well. There is a huge chunk of my life still in WA. And I miss him all the time. I can’t wait to see him again, and I hope that we can be together again no later than summer’s end. 



Trip Destination EXPOSED!

So, since I leave in the morning, I thought I would tell you all where I am going. I am going to…


Specifically, Columbia Falls! I’m excited!

I’m hoping to find work there so that Bryant and I can finally stop living with our parents and have our own place again. I totally appreciate everything that his family has done for us and everything my family has done for me, but I am tired of not having my own place. I get to see the family tuesday morning at the train station in Whitefish and I can’t wait. I haven’t seen anyone in over a year and I miss everyone terribly. 

There is a lot I have missed out on. People I will never see again and people who I’m not too sure want to see me. It’s a big step going back to find work and I’m going to soldier on until I’m in a good place again. 

SO! My next post will be from my home town! See you all then!