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Success Dinner: Homemade (from scratch) Creamy Tomato Soup

So, hello everyone! I made something delicious in The Half Ginger Kitchen, my feet are killing me! I should actually be in bed but I just had to share what I made.



Now, I don’t like using recipes. I really don’t. If someone can tell me how to do something that is different. I don’t like opening a cookbook and following a cookie cutter recipe. If I did that all the time there would be many houses on fire (see post  Chicken Fried Evil). Alton Brown, Paula Dean, and several others will never know the tears their recipes put me through. So, I’ve decided that I’m no longer following them. I’m making shit up as I go.

I did have to google the proper way to roast garlic, but I just needed temp for that. But that’s how far I took the seriousness of my from scratch soup. The only thing I didn’t do myself was the chicken stock and that’s because I didn’t have a chicken carcass to boil for a hour or two. But it still turned out AMAZINGLY AWESOME! Oh, and the cream. I used Kalispell Kreamery Half and Half. Not only to support a relative’s business, but because it’s some of the best stuff available.

So here it is.

Kas’ Soon to be Famous Homemade Creamy Tomato and Roasted Garlic Soup

Roast The Garlic:

Take a bunch of garlic, and peel off the skins. Keep the cloves together and some of the skin on them. Rub them with olive oil. Oven. 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 30-35 minutes.

Forget it until the timer goes off.


Chop Tomatoes and onions

I used 5 Roma tomatoes and about half an onion. I chopped them up into neat little bowls like on the Food Network.


That’s the oven with the garlic in it.


I got distracted while the garlic was roasting, but that’s okay. Because I got everything else prepped. Once the garlic is done, you should be able to take out the cloves from their husks by holding the end of the bunch and pushing on the butts of the cloves with a fork. Make sure it’s cooled first.

Then, mix 2 tablespoons of butter, the onion, and ‘some’ garlic (I literally just put some in it. I had chopped it up and put about 2 cloves in it, if we needed t be exact). You want to be a vulture here. Do not leave this alone. Use a low heat and stir constantly. I actually didn’t burn it, but knowing my luck I could have.


This stage usually only takes about three minutes of stirring and not burning. If you burn it you must start over.


Next, we add our tomatoes and chicken stock. Now, I didn’t peel my tomatoes, and it made the soup chunky. So I highly recommend peeling the tomato. It doesn’t effect the flavor, but if you don’t mind a chunky soup don’t worry about it.


It’s not going to look very good at this point, but GIVE IT TIME! It will look better. You can season it at this stage with salt and pepper, or you can wait until the end. I seasoned both here and the end. Bring this chunky mess to a boil and them let it simmer for a while. I think I did 8 minutes.

While that is simmering, dig around in your mother’s kitchen. “Why would I do that?” you may be wondering. Well, you do it BECAUSE you might find this:


I was SO EXCITED! I was tripping over myself with excitement. Until, I realized it wasn’t working. I tried everything and it wouldn’t work. So after the simmer, I did this:


I did it by HAND! I have a tendency to do things by hand anyway, but this was ridiculous. I stood there for a while, chunking away. More and more and more chunking. So that happened.

I then poured the soup back into the pot and added the delicious KK cream! Oh it was awesome! So whisk that in, and wha-la! Soup.

BUT! Then something else happened. I was re-assembling the food processor and I heard a click I hadn’t heard before. I checked the top of the bowl and BOOM!


I didn’t realize that I needed to use more force to get it to work. So, I decided that it was okay and I RAN IT ANYWAY through the PROCESSOR! BOOM!

It got rid of more chunks and helped thicken the soup. It was awesome.

I topped it with parm cheese and it’s fabulous!

These are my dishes from the food processor, I wanted to show that I was actually able to use it!



Yum yum yum in my tum!



The Gym And Why I Hate It

As some of you know I joined a gym back in January, you may not have known that I joined it in January, but now you do. The first month of my gym membership I went once. Yep a whole one time. It was hard to make time after work and everything, as I wasn’t sleeping much at night and when I got off work all I wanted to do was sleep. So that’s what I did. My mum, who is awesome, was really supportive of me joining the gym and I thought that was pretty cool. She sent me all sorts of cool little motivators. I went a few more times in February, not as many as to constitute how much I was paying for it though. Bryant’s mum joined our gym goings though, and we’ve been going quite a few times a week now (or at least trying too, it isn’t always constant). 

Yesterday… Yesterday the gym kicked my ass. I’m not kidding. It hurts to move today. The reason for the ass kicking is because I am quite lazy when it comes to working out. I would run sometimes on the tredmill (usually 30 minutes or so) or do a tad on the eliptical (also an ass kicker) but that was the majority of my working out. Until yesterday. I started weight training yesterday. I didn’t start with the 5 pound weights either. I started with 20. I can lift somethings, I don’t have a problem lifting bags of potatoes or anything like that, so starting out with 20 (well, 20 on each side of the bar) was pretty good. I did 3 reps of 12 and the first sign of how much I neglected my poor arm muscles… My left arm decided it didn’t want to participate anymore. It just decided that it wasn’t going to bend or be lifted. So of course the right arm decides the same thing shortly after. I move my arms as best I can in a way that can only be described as ‘octopus on drugs’. I sat down at the next weight machine and continued with my pattern of 3 sets of 12. My arms dropped on my last set at 10. I took a short break. I glanced in one of the horrid mirrors that gyms keep around so people can watch themselves fail. I could see the muscle in my arm cramp. I was liking watching a car accident. You see it happening and there is nothing that you can do to prevent it. I saw a bulge start to form under my skin, I knew what was going to happen right before my arm felt like it was on fire and being stung by a horde of angry dragon bees. For those of you who don’t know, dragon bees are a hybrid of a dragon and a bee. It spits fire and stings you at the same time causing HUGE amounts of pain. It’s even worse when it came from my imagination and I know that I’m just going to mutate the creature of pain further. But back to to story, my arms are on fire. Bryant helped my rub out the cramp in my arm, and the dragon bees disappeared. I knew they would be back, in greater numbers and more mutations. I sat down on the next machine, this one required that I reach up and pull down to work my back muscles. Easy enough, I thought as I sat down and began. It was entirely too easy, I assumed there had to be a catch. The catch, was bringing your arms back down to a resting position when you were done. Apparently while up in the air my arms had decided that they were not done rebelling and that they would rather stay in the up-right position and play freeze tag, with much less tag and more freezing. It was a slow bring down but the were eventually safe and back at my sides. A few muscle cramps later and I was done with lifting. With my arms anyway. Next was the legs.

Now my legs are in relatively good shape, they carry most of me around during the day and help e do menial tasks such as lifting. The legs were easy, I was thinking that the rest would be a breeze. I did calf extenders, knee lifts, and inner and outer hip adductions. It was awesome. Until I woke up this morning!

So, I didn’t sleep last night. CT kept my up with the utter nagging that I had spent the hours before lifting things that it didn’t think I needed to be lifting. Some Aleve and a rotation of the wrist braces proved to get it to shut up at about 6 am. I go to sleep.

Waking up was the hard part. I couldn’t move my fingers. I was able to lift my forearm and touch Bryant. He asked if I was ready to get up. His voice was pretty distant. I tried to move my legs and it hurt, moving my arms hurt, and once I was able to get the fingers going, they hurt too. I grumbled into my pillow, feeling like I had been hit by a truck and put back to bed again. 

So I was up and moving around eventually, I can’t sit in the same position too long, and I’ve discovered muscles that I  wasn’t fully aware that I had. 

I don’t really hate the gym. It is a place where I can go and work the muscles that have been neglected for a very long time. I just wish I didn’t hurt. But I’m off to the gym here pretty soon so that should be an interesting event.

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Talon-less And Corgis

That’s right, my third talon has taken a trip off my hand and off to better things. At least I think. It didn’t leave a number where I could reach it, nor a forwarding address where I could send it’s mail. I have no idea where to send the rest of it’s stuff, as it didn’t tell me where it was going. Eventually another one will come along and I will have a new talon (or a few) in my life. Until then, texting will be easier, picking food from my teeth with require a different instrument, and I’ll have nothing to scratch and itch with. Big sigh.

My new project is coming along nicely. I’ve got row A done and together. Row B is crocheted, but I have yet to join the squares. I’ll probably do that later. I forgot to take inventory of my yarn in the colors that I needed before I started, so some of my colors are a bit off. I thought about tackling my pikachu blanket again, something I haven’t thought of in years.

In better news, a litter of Corgi puppies as brought into the world a few days ago by Kalmont Kennels. They posted pictures on their facebook page earlier today and I couldn’t help but squeal in excitement. The have two boys and five little girls (I think). Corgis are some of the greatest dogs on the planet and I can’t wait to have my own. A cute little herd of my own. 🙂

Today I found out how focused Bryant gets when he watches Anime. I’ve loved Anime most of my life, Sailor Moon being my first show. I saw my first episode when I was home sick while my dad’s sister and her family were staying with us when we lived in Corvallis, MT. That was so long ago, but I’ll never forget how fascinated I was with the show and how I’ll always love it. My love for it has evolved to include many different genres, but that one will always be my first. Back to Bryant though. I have never seen someone so engrossed in a show. I don’t think he blinks. He catching up on Bleach right now (a show I have had a hard time getting into, based solely on the fact that there is way too much filler), a manga I had read for a while until I moved in with my mother in high school. I don’t like all the same shows he does (i.e. Vampire Bund), but I’m glad that him and I have something else in common. We just have to find a show we both want to watch.

I’m trying to get out of the habit of posting late at night. It’s a difficult thing sometimes because (like last night) I don’t always have a lot to write about. Especially if I haven’t done anything yet. I try to have an adventure everyday, and boy does it were one out. On to more adventures.

If you are interested in adopting a Corgi puppy, Kalmont Kennels are accepting deposits and applications right now. Here is a link to their facebook page: Kalmont Kennels

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Yarn Stash and The Death of Another Talon

EXCITING DAY TODAY! I went to my storage unit and I retrieved my yarn stash! I didn’t think I would have had room for it, but Bryant insisted that we just take the whole thing home with us. So I have ALL (I think) of my yarn now. With the reacquiring of yarn though, always leads one to believe that they need a new storage container for it all. And that is something I definitely plan on acquiring.

I just have to re-wind all of my yarn into pull-center balls. The are much easier to use, don’t roll around as you use them, and just over all look cooler. I use them for both crochet and knitting; I know a lot of knitters who use them. Most people I know who crochet don’t use center-pull balls. Perhaps they just choose not to, or don’t know it’s something that exists.  I like them though, they look like this if you were wondering:

I still haven’t started a new project. But I’m hoping that my spinning stuff is in my yarn stash box somewhere. That would be a nice project. I was looking at pictures of the first yarn I ever made the other day and I sighed. It is so awful!

That was quite a while though.

So tonight, I bid “good day” to another talon, this time the thumb from my right hand. It was a painful removal, I caught it on a sliding glass door as I tried to open it while it was locked. Now before you judge me while I tried to open a locked door, please know that I was trying to open the door without looking at it to let a dog out and I was opening it on the opposite side of the handle. It’s something I do a lot, because I’m lazy.

You were a good talon, you are a missed talon, and you are survived by Left Thumb Talon. No longer with you pull knots from yarn or small pull beard hairs that have penetrated Bryant’s thumb. You will always be remembered for your loyal service.


Oh and I made myself a double nail for a little while.



I forgot to add the link for a pull center ball if you are interested in creating your own. It isn’t the set of instructions that I used to learn the first time but I love so the link will take you to their website. If I do find the instructions that I used I will definitely post them. The instructions are a little different than how I learned but it’s still a good read.