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Well, Hello There!

So, it has BEEN A WHILE HASN’T IT INTERNET! I’m excited to see you again! Life has been INCREDIBLY crazy the past few months. I haven’t completed a single project, but I have run into some major roadblocks. Bryant moved all the way to Montana and then promptly left me about 2 months later, I’m still a little bitter about it. My job at the bakery broke my tiny little baker’s heart. A few good things though, I didn’t severely burn myself all season at the bakery, I am now single, I have the white car that I drove in high school back in my possession and I AM MOVING IN WITH MY BEST FRIEND! So, more good things than bad things. \

NaNoWriMo starts next friday. I am actually taking a class to help me stay focused this November. Hopefully this year I will finish without any terrible things happening. I am the world’s greatest procrastinator and it effects how I write. I think everyone should participate in NaNo, even if the thought never occurred to them to write a novel. It’s a great boost when you reach a goal and with writing I just find it easier. 

This year’s plan for Nano… is that there isn’t one! There never is. I am thinking about reworking the story I was working on for camp. There is a part in it where my main character has to make a decision, either go save the world (it’s more than that but that’s what I use to describe it) or stay at home, get married, and live a long, happy, and uneventful life (-snore-). Obviously I know what he is going to do, because if he didn’t do the former, there would be no story. So, instead of giving him the choice, I think I’m just going to have him kidnapped. 

I’ll lay it out here for you:
Rhen Farrar is our main character and he hates living in Oakreach, a town in a mountain (which I based off Columbia Mountain if you wanted a size comparison).
So, one day he goes off on his own to make him way to the capitol city, erm… blergablerga. (I don’t have one yet). He has left with a bunch of merchants and traders who end up robbing him and leaving him for dead.
He is tied up and bleeding and whatnot and this woman saves him. For some reason she looks like the girl from Brave (who has a name I cannot spell for the life of me) only older. She treats his wounds and gives him a token. Then she leaves him in the forest.
Rhen has to walk home and given his lack of a lot of clothing, shoes and no money; he has a bad time doing it. He’s is almost dead by the time he gets back up the mountain.
He recovers (of course), and asks his childhood sweetheart (who he had almost been engaged to before he left) to marry him, she says yes and la-dee-da the plan the wedding.

So, this is where I have been stuck, because Rhen wants to marry her but the red haired lady from the forest shows up and is all “we need your help”. So he has to make a choice about going with her or staying with his soon to be wife. What I’m thinking, is that instead of him even having a choice, the red haired lady (who actually doesn’t have a name, yet) just abducts him in a huge shroud of mist and she makes him a deal about he helps her and she takes him home and everything goes from there. 

I think it adds a dramatic effect to it, but I’m not sure if that’s the direction I want to take. But that’s all I have thought about NaNo this year. haha!


As I believe I have mentioned somewhere on this blog, I want to start doing book reviews, one every two weeks or so. But I’m not sure what I want to review, so I am leaving that decision up to all my lovely readers. If there is a book that I absolutely must read, please let me know in a comment!

I have missed you all, and I will try to post more often, though through November, I may just post excepts.



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