Success Dinner… I Mean Dessert: Brownie Cookie Sundaes

So, this looks tasty… You can’t even see the brownie cookie. But that’s okay. I made this! Bryant wanted brownies with our dessert so we went out and bought everything that we needed to make them (which was just 2 boxes of brownie mix). I just wanted to make brownies and I had never heard of brownie cookies. Except for the kind that you make a brownie and a cookie at the same time, something like this:

courtesy of

But apparently I was wrong. A brownie cookie has nothing to do with cookie dough. I was thinking that on top of making brownies I would have to make cookie dough. I wouldn’t buy it. I only buy cookie dough when I want to eat it. I make cookie dough when I want cookies. If I want cookies I will work for them.

So, we get home and we find a recipe online, and Bryant wants me to help him. I’m thinking, “No problem. This will be easy.” The recipe didn’t look hard and I didn’t have to make anything from scratch. So we combine all the ingredient together like it says into the biggest mixing bowl we can find. I start to look in the drawers for a whisk and Bryant wants to know what I’m doing. I told him what I was doing. He gave me a little smile and said no. Apparently, I was going to mix this with my hands. So, a surgical-esque scrub of the arms later and my hands find their way into the brownie mix. It… was a weird feeling. It was dry and squishy, so it didn’t make a lot of sense when it came to my sense of touch. This is what happened to my hands:


It looks like I’ve been in poo! Oh yes, and if you haven’t noticed, I took pictures this time when I made something! Now to make it a habit. What you see in the picture is early in the mixing process. I ‘kneaded’ this for about twenty minutes. I had to get all the flour off the bottom and it took quite a while to get everything off my hands. Bryant just watched me do it…

After what felt like forever of having my hands in muck, I’m finally done. Most of the mix is stuck to my hand by now and I can’t touch anything. Bryant grabs a spatula and we scrape my hands over and over again and I can finally see my skin again. Now he grabs a cookie sheet and tells me to make balls. That I can do. It came out to this:

making balls 20130416_204957


Pretty, huh? Well, I had a whole other sheet of them to do. Only then, could I wash my hands. We waited for the timer, and waited some more. Then, as our hunger cried from the tombs of our stomachs and echoed through the empty halls that had been our veins, did Bryant say that they were ready. We placed the brownies in the bowls with the bottoms up, so that the ice cream will sink into the brownie and add the strawberries.

Three Things Need for Delicious 20130416_211858 20130416_211852


Mix them all together and you get the first picture of this post. It was awesome. Brownies were a little crispy on the edges but Bryant says that was on purpose. It was quite good.

Brownie Cookies Recipe  — If you were interested!


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