Mary Kay and The Greatest Movie Theater of All Time

So last night I got home late and I was exhausted. I wanted to write before I went to bed, but my bed was all “GET INSIDE ME!” and I was too weak to resist. I did have quite an adventurous day.

First thing I did yesterday day was go hang out with a former co-worker from Nintendo. Apparently she still works there, which is cool for her. The only thing I really want right now is a job. But, anyway, it was cool that she invited me over. Her aunt was doing a Mary Kay party and was doing free makeovers. I’m usually more of an Avon girl myself, I’ve been using their products for years and I love them. But free isn’t something I pass up on a regular basis. So I headed over there.

Everyone was quite nice. I don’t have any friends in Washington and it was nice to meet a few ladies that are quite nice and like the same things that I do. So we stood around and talked and washed our faces and put on makeup. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, if I ever wear make up. This stuff was nice though, it didn’t feel like I was wearing anything heavy on my face. Still not a fan of lipstick though, dries out my already dry lips and I don’t like looking like I ate too much sour candy. The products we tested though were quite nice, they were refreshing and didn’t cake around my oily face like some other products do. So yes a nice product.

As I mentioned I don’t have a job. Currently I am unemployed. But I tell everyone that I’m a professional blogger, since that’s what I do with my time anyway and it sounds better than saying, “Oh yeah, I’m unemployed.” As I make no money from my blog though, I have no source of income and Mary Kay is expensive. I let my consultant know that I wasn’t making any money and that I didn’t have a job. She then told me I should sell Mary Kay.

I’m not a sales person. I’ve been trained in sales on many occasions and I just can’t do it. I’m not saying I can’t do it like when your rock climbing and you really can do it but you want to give up. I actually can’t sell things to people. Sure, I’m more than happy to take their money if they are willing to give it to me, but I’m not one to talk someone into buying something that they don’t really need. I found that out when I was selling Comcast upgrades. I do not do well in pressuring someone else. But I heard the consultant out, she had a lot of good points. But there are always good points in the beginning. I did buy a few nice things from her though. She gave me a couple of samples of other products for me to try as well which is pretty cool.


After the Mary Kay party, Bryant too me to the movies. I’m not talking about just any theater here. This place was amazing. You could have fit two of me in one of the seats. Not only that, but the seats reclined and provided an ample foot rest. You got a small pillow and a blanket to curl up with as you reclined. You had a waiter and a menu that would bring you food throughout the movie. Free popcorn too. The best part about it, its a 21 and older establishment. Which meant no blaring cell phone screens, no making out, no stupid immature behaviour that you usually see in a movie theater. It was the most impressive theater that I have ever been too.
We went to go see “Oz”. Which was a good movie, but I didn’t much care for the 3d of it. I don’t really get the point of 3d movies. Sure its a cool effect, but I don’t see why I should have to pay more for an effect. The movie theater is call iPic, the one we went to was in Redmond, WA. I highly suggest it.


2 thoughts on “Mary Kay and The Greatest Movie Theater of All Time”

  1. Just a random thought. I was a Mary Kay consultant for a few years. I still love and use the products. However, they strongly encourage you to carry inventory. This means shelling out money you already don’t have in the hopes of making money you don’t yet have. You see the problem? There are other direct sales companies that don’t ask you to risk your money with inventory stock. Pampered Chef is one of them. There are others; I just happen to know PChef best. Cuz, by golly, if you are considering doing direct sales, JOIN MY TEAM AND WORK WITH ME BECAUSE I LOVE YOU MORE THAN SOME STRANGER WOULD!! (Ok, my one plug is now done.) 😀

    p.s. I don’t get butthurt or pester you if you say no. 😉

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