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Taxes, Carpal Tunnel, and The Gym

So got my taxes done today, something that I have been putting off. Among other things, I was putting them off because I just don’t like getting them done. I’ve also been putting off sewing, knitting, crochet, writing, learning how to speak Swahili, remembering that I’m 22 now, and reciting the poetry of Sextus Propertius backwards and in the original Latin. I may have been a tad hyperbolic on a few of those. But all the same, I haven’t been as crafty lately as I would like to be, partially because of my carpal tunnel. But,back to taxes. I went to a new H&R Block for my taxes. I don’t know how to do them myself (which I can admit) and I would be to nervous to do them myself because I’m prone to screw things up. So a few days ago I set the appointment and gathered my things. When I arrived today at the office I was the only one with an appointment, I arrived 10 minutes early. So I sat and waited… and waited… and waited some more. A quarter ’til five I was finally seen. I didn’t mind waiting since I was waiting on the person ahead of me to finish their return and it wasn’t the employee’s fault. So I sat there and waited. Once I was taken over to my Tax Preparer, I noticed something interesting. I attract really hyper people. My Tax Preparer was all about good attitude and tons of energy. It was nice. The same thing happened yesterday though when I went shopping for an undergarment (as I have not perfected the art of crafting them yet). My assistant in sizing and style choices was all about her energy. She liked the fact that I was taller than her and that I had long hair like her. It was a good experience on both accounts. So maybe I should hang out with these upbeat people.

I mentioned my carpal tunnel, which is something I have. Something that I ignore (for the most part) and something that I don’t let rule my life. Sure, the pain does prevent me from doing some things some times but it doesn’t stop me from doing them. Bryant bought me a magnet bracelet to help with the pain a few months ago, and it has helped considerably. That was until I played video games for six hours the other night. My hands went numb and my fingers tingled. When I put the controller down and flexed my finger it hurt to move them.  That night when I went to bed I woke up several times with dead hands and for the first time in a while I considered wearing my braces to bed. I decided against it. I’ve decided I should probably see a doctor about it, I’m just nervous about that because I’ve read that I can lose strength in my hands or lose feeling and control. That’s just not cool with me.

Tonight was gym night. I haven’t gone in over a week. It was hard but good for me. However, I had more of a workout than I had bargained for. The incline on the machine was kind of broken. By kind of I mean that when I pressed the button to incline it didn’t incline. Instead, it decided to incline with five minutes left of my work out. It wasn’t just a small incline either, it was a full 11.5 incline with a 4.8 mph running speed. I wasn’t going to give up five minutes until the end, I was going to finish. Even if it meant I fell off of the tredmill. Then, 20 seconds later, my speed dropped to 2.8 and I ALMOST face-planted. I caught myself before I did. Then the incline dropped to a 7.5 and the speed increased to 3.8. At this point I was incredibly confused at this point. My tredmill was POSSESSED. For the remaining time on my workout it changed seven more times in both speed and incline. By the time my cool down started I was a little wary that it was going to go awry and my cool down was about to become the “psych, we’re not cooling down yet, got ya” but it finished nicely.

Three topics are hard. I think I’ll stick to two topics. I can make that sounds more adventurous that I can three. Three sounds like a list of things to do. Had I written about two I could have said “Tackling Taxes and Gym (insert word that starts with ‘g’ that means adventure)”.

I wanted to acknowledge the fact that four readers have decided to follow my blog. It’s the most followers that I have ever had on any blog I’ve ever written, so thank you.


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