Nomadic Tendencies and the Removal of Talons

I move around, a lot. I don’t mean like military move around, either. I move around by choice. I have never lived anywhere longer than seven years and I don’t plan on living anywhere longer than that. I’ve moved a lot recently. In 2011 I moved to Portland, Ore, and then in 2012 I moved to Auburn, Washington. Now in 2013, I’m considering moving back to Montana so I can, for one, be closer to my family and, for two, there is work out there. There isn’t much work in Auburn, well there is work, it’s just the sitting-on-your-ass-all-day-and-take-phone-calls work. I’m tired of doing that kind of work.

I don’t mind moving, in fact I kind of like it. You get to see new things and meet new people. Not to mention, eat different foods. I love food! I’ve tried TONS of new foods this past year and I’m eager to keep trying new foods. I’ve discovered that I like mustard, saurkraut, brussel sprouts (when cooked properly), shwarma, and turkey burger. I still have to try hummus, but I’ll get around to it. 


I removed a talon today. By talon I mean my left handed index finger’s nail. Only the top part though, not the whole nail. It was dubbed a talon because of how long I kept it. It was a good quarter of an inch before I took it off. Bryant doesn’t like the talons (also on my thumbs), he says they scratch him and he doesn’t like it when I poke him with them. It makes me giggle but he doesn’t like it at all. But yes, one of them was removed today. It was effecting my typing and felt weird as I typed. So I took it off. I looked at Bryant and told him. He asked if I needed nail clippers. I told him no and he asked why and how I was going to remove it. I told him I bit it off.

I have always chewed my nails. It is a nasty habit, but I could have nastier habits. I like having long thumb nails though. Helps me open tin cans if the lid falls in and get stuff out of my teeth and other stuff. Yeah, stuff.  They are nice to have, especially when crafting. It’s easier to pinch a dropped stitch (when I notice one) with a pair of nails than fingers. So I keep them as long as I can.

OH! and I designed this KICK ASS banner using MS Paint!



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