Unfinished Crochet Projects

Since I’ve been living with my boyfriend and his parents, my yarn has ended up in storage. I have a small collection that I have been able to keep with me but my large u-haul moving box is stuffed away in a cold room. It would be of too much of a hassel to have it here, don’t get me wrong, but I want to work on the projects that I have started before. I just finished a 42 square stack for a blanket that I am making with some hookers and knitters off of facebook.

Even though I am still without a job, I am still hoping to have a garden. And once I have a garden I will have a smith, and once I have a smith I will have a weaving room. I will acquire all of this and live a happy and healthy life. WIth my corgis… that I will get eventually. I’m allowed to have dreams. 

I still miss home, but I would have a hard time going back.  


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