Missing Home

So, it’s true. I miss Montana. But I’m working through it.

But on a brighter note, I’ve decided to become a doctor. At least study medicine of some sort. Which is an exciting turn of my life. I’ve contemplated many career options since I’ve left high school. As a doctor I can not only work with people, but I can do things like Doctors Without Borders. Which has always interested me. My life isn’t going to go anywhere as a call center worked, moving from job to job and waiting for my life to take off.

So that will be fun. I plan on visiting the community college up the street later this week to see what kind of programs they have. Hopefully that will make me feel better about everything.

So back to the title subject. I keep thinking back to Montana. Sometimes I just close my eyes and I picture the valley in the spring. Sure, up close it’s just mud and road construction, but from the top of a mountain that I probably didn’t want to climb until I was actually doing it, it’s beautiful. I miss my friends too. Sure it felt like my life wasn’t going anywhere, but I knew people there, and if I didn’t know the person I was talking too, I knew someone who knew them. I know so few people up here that it’s pretty depressing and I don’t go out to make new friends. That’s the weird part of being an adult. The friends you have could be the guy at work that sends you a email everyday with an unrelated picture attached to it, the person you see at lunch everyday and wave too, and the cashier at the 7-11. Other than your significant other (if you have one) and their family, you don’t really know anyone.

So, here’s to a great week!


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