So, last few days have been BUSY! I have been ‘packing’ for the past two. I say packing in quotes because I’ve been procrastinating as I do it. Unfortunately, I have forgotten what procrastinating means. Last night I had a bag packed, and I unpacked it last night as well. I was not fully prepared for the task. BUT, I have space bags to help me out. They are roll out or vac out the air space bags… The vac out is significantly more efficient for space. I have two bags that I vacuum the air out and one that I roll the air out. My sea bag doesn’t hold as much as I had thought, but it holds more than I originally thought.  I almost forgot my sneakers, so I had to make room for those. The suitcase that I purchased is just big enough to hold my underwear and socks (that’s also where I put the sneakers). What I thought was a lot of room isn’t all that much room. I’m leaving some stuff that I wanted to take here to save a little bit of room. 

I really want to take yarn with me, even though I know I shouldn’t. I want to start making farmer’s market bags for the summer time. I think people would appreciate them. Not sure what kind of pattern I’m going to use, or if I’m going to do it at all, but we’ll find out. 

I am going to miss Bryant. He’s playing it off like it isn’t a big deal that I’m leaving. Which is fine, I wish I was the same way. Hopefully I can find work where I am going and he can join me soon. He means the world to me.

But, enough with the sentimental blogging. I have to vacuum out the bags again. Like I said I repacked them last night but it was about 1 a.m. and it was too late in the night to use the vacuum. I’m looking forward to this trip.

Apparently it is legal to bodily eject someone from public transportation in the state of Washington. So, there is your fun fact of the day. 

Bryant’s dad told me that last night when I shared the story of the crazy lady on the train. Crazy Lady is a real person, she cause a real incident, and she called me a wizard when I was on a train. I’m going to share the story with you all.

I leave Portland, Ore. at 4:45 p.m. Regular time, everything is on schedule. We ride for a few hours, make a few stops. We haven’t reached Spokane yet if I remember correctly. It’s late at night, so late a lot of people are asleep. This woman starts walking the train, pointing and whispering at people at she walks but no one really takes any notice of her… Until she starts screaming that is. She starts telling people things like “Wizards use computers, you must be a wizard.” She’s just creeping everyone out by now. A few people are disgruntled, but she walks out of our train car and goes somewhere else, everyone relaxes slightly. Then… THEN, the woman comes back with full force, she is shouting and throwing things about, she tries to take this poor kids computer demanding to know if he is a wizard. I was also called a wizard but I avoid her at all costs. The woman starts throwing trash behind her and up in the air. The conductor finally arrives and tries to calm her down. A man across the aisle tries to interject like most people who don’t know how to handle a difficult person and situation. He starts trying to ‘give the conductor advice’ about how to handle what’s going on and he isn’t making much sense. The conductor tells him to return to his seat and he tries to argue, but sits back down. The conductor gets the woman down stairs into where the bathrooms are and you can hear the woman screaming at the top of her lungs.

Eventually, the train starts to slow. We see flashing lights in the distance. We hear sirens. Police board the train. The start to inspect the trashcan and what not, they go back to the lower level of the train and we hear the woman being arrested. It was fun.

And that’s how I learned that it is legal to bodily eject someone from public transportation in the state of Washington, including Amtrak.

So today I will resume packing and hopefully get everything squared away. I’ll have to sort through my suitcase and decide what I don’t want to take with me. It’s a stressful time but hopefully it will be worth it when I get a job.