The Trip List

So (as I begin every post, mostly) there is a chance that I might be going on a trip soon. A really awesome trip. I’m not going to say where my trip may take me because if it doesn’t happen. I don’t want to disappoint all you readers and be all “WHHHHAAAA I’m going to this stellar place and I can’t wait to go and everything is magic and rainbows!” So, nope not telling. BUT! I do need to make a list of things that I’m going to take. So, that’s pretty much what this post will be about. I needed something to write about and I needed a place to put my list. I thought about buying new luggage too, but I don’t think that’s financially responsible right now.


  • Toothbrush
  • Socks
  • Computer
  • Shoes
  • Undies
  • Camera (if I can find it)
  • Pants
  • Shirts
  • Phone and Charger
  • Bacon (probably not)
  • Crochet Stuff
  • Other stuff that I may find important

Apparently…. I need to get things together. I’m hesitating on buying my ticket away, to tell you the truth. I’ve never been nervous travelling, really ever. I’m nervous this time and it’s because I think it’s a last ditch effort to pull myself out of the rut I have found myself in. But I’m going to make the best of it. The longer I wait, the less money I’m going to have. So, the sooner the better.

Bryant and I have talked about it extensively. Since we’ve been together, we haven’t really been apart. He supports my trip though, and I really appreciate it. So,I’ve made a list. I have to fit it in to the bags that I have. I’ll have more money if I don’t buy new luggage… even though we found this amazing black luggage set with green piping. Oh my goodness it was amazing to look at… and it was on sale. I didn’t look at the price though, because I didn’t want to see it and be all in love and then be let down. Man, I love containers.