The Half Ginger At The Mall

So today I went to the Supermall. The Supermall is a mall, amazingly. It’s not very super though, so it’s just a mall. I had a Victoria Secret Secret Award card that could possibly have 500 dollars on it, and I thought that would be nice. But, as my luck would have it, I didn’t have 500 dollars. I had 10 on the card and I bought a nice little mini mister. It smells pretty good. I wish it was a real perfume though, body mist is okay but it doesn’t last as long as I would want it too. I might just keep it in my purse for when I go into bathrooms and want the entire world to know that I was in there. Because everyone knows that I’m kind of person. It does smell nice though, and it doesn’t have a smell that you can choke on.

My Three Dresses
These are the three dresses that I bought: a paisley V-neck and two eyelet strapless dresses, in green and orange.

I didn’t actually go to the mall with Bryant, I went with his mother. I love Bryant’s mum, she is uber cool. She helped me pick out some nice clothes for spring too. I actually purchased nice clothes too, so I have something to wear next time I am suprised with a fancy brunch. I a now the proud owner of three dresses that actually fit me and I look good in them.

Bryant’s mum said that I should get cowboy boots to go with them, but that would look a little to country for my taste. I told her the only reason why she thought that was a good idea was because I’m from Montana and she laughed. I also bought a new pair of jeans. Ones that fit my legs and fit my waist. The one’s the she had got me for Christmas fit the legs but the waist on the is a little big. We found the Old Navy Sweet Heart fit me the best. Some of the best pants that I have tried on. Which is awesome! They also had Sweet Heart shorts but didn’t have any in my size, that would have been awesome had I found some. First pair of shorts that do wedgie me in about two years, but oh well.

I felt pretty good about shopping today. Usually I don’t like it because it’s a stress filled event that I can’t stand! But Bryant’s mum made it a lot of fun.

I got two squares done for the project I’m working on. Two squares in three days. That’s a record or something. I  don’t have a text pattern for the face that I made when I typed that. Hopefully I get something else done with it soon.