Expiry, Coldsmoke Confidence, and Why You Should Never Bring Your Weight Up

So, apparently it had been two months. How do I know that? I know that because my domain has apparently expired. No big deal, right? Except my renewal price went up. It’s not a lot, but it’s a lot to someone who works the hours I do, it’s a lot. No worries though, but it may have to stay expired for a while. 

Last night I went to the bar with friends. One thing I’ve enjoyed about being as single as I am is being able to go out with my friends, have a few beers, and meet new people. Usually a pitcher of Kokanee is involved and we all have a good time. Well, last night I showed up late to the party and someone (who had a ride, thankfully) wasn’t about to finish a pitcher of Coldsmoke Scotch Ale. If you have never had it, go out and get some. Drink it slow though, it’s a very dense and magical flavor. It’s got a great body, a great head on it’s shoulders, it’s dark and mysterious, great personality… I’m still talking about the beer right? Anyway. Try it if you haven’t. My theory says that there is something in Coldsmoke that gives you (what I call) “Sober Confidence”. Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re drinking beer, in a bar (or at home) so how can you be sober. Well, unless you’re in a indie/teen/college movie, you don’t get drunk right away. Yes, some people do get to that point faster than others. However, just a tiny bit of Coldsmoke and you can take on the world. Seriously, it’s like it stares confidence into you while you watch the head dissipate and leave that tasty tasty goodness. Then you take your first sip, and WHAM! you feel like you can do anything. It’s uncanny and amazing. So, you’ve ingested the beer, but not digested. To a point, you are sober (but a walking time bomb, Don’t Drive.) So, I’m staring at this pitcher, and they’ve put a glass of it in front of me asking me to finish their beer for them. I am not one to waste beer. AT ALL! My rule is, “Don’t order what you can’t finish. And if you can’t, have a friend who can.” But none of that goes back to the bar. Waste of money at that point too. 

So, I finish the glass (first drink of the night) and go about my business, but I feel magical. It was a great feeling. I talked to a new person I had never met and we had an actual conversation. About video games and school. It was a great conversation. There will never be enough beer in the world to deal with what happened with other people at the bar, but my night was great. I had a great night. And I think it’s because Coldsmoke was all up in my head saying “Now don’t do anything to crazy, but that person is attractive, you have attractive friends. You should be friends with that person.” 

That’s a true story, I do not have unattractive friends. All of them are good looking. It’s like I attract good looking persons and they decide it would be a great idea to be friends with me. Which is a great idea, because I’m pretty fantastic. So, I made a new friend and I wasn’t awkward about it. Would I have had the conversation I did had I been 100% sober? Probably not. The reason is because I don’t perform well in social situations. And don’t be all like “Oh you’re great in social settings.” or “You’re always super chipper and talkative when I see you.” That second one is true, and usually when people see me it’s at work. I don’t get paid to frown and be a grumlsnufagus. Sure I don’t get paid to be super upbeat and sweet either, but I’m probably going to keep my job longer with the latter. I am not a social butterfly, I am a social moth. I’ll associate with other people at night who just happen to be around the same porch lamp that I am. Haha! So, the Coldsmoke helped.

Now, I’m going to start on the topic that made this post title INCREDIBLY long. Last night (at the bar still, I was only there 4 hours) a bunch of the girls were complaining about their weight. Now, when people complain about their weight around me, I have loads of problems with it (You are who you are and you are the only one in your power to change that.). It got to the point where I was tired of hearing it, and so I stated my weight and how it doesn’t bother me because it’s who I am. There are lots of pounds of awesome that I have to carry around everyday and I accept that. Shortly (within about a second) I realized my mistake. I have never had that many faces and fingers in my face telling me “Oh that’s not true. Don’t say that.” “You’re beautiful, don’t even think different.” It, literally threw me from my bar stool. I caught myself on the table behind me, but there was no escape. I then had to explain (to some very drunk ladies) that I wasn’t saying my weight was bad (sure I could lose a few pounds, but I accept where I am in that field and am working towards bettering myself) and that I needed them to confirm that I was beautiful. Just that what the scale says is a number and that you shouldn’t live your life by that number. Sure you may have been skinnier in high school, but you’ve gone through a LOT since then. Don’t let the scale define you. Thankfully though, it stopped the conversation (my original idea) and then went to talk about something else. I got to talk about Game of Thrones with a friend, and the night (for me) went pretty fantastic from there. 


So, next time I want to talk to someone new, I may just look at the Coldsmoke. Test different sides of my theory. Or maybe I’ll just drink it because it’s delicious. Don’t talk about your weight around lighter people, because they will automatically think you’re putting yourself down. And always have a good friend to talk about TV shows with. 


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