Inauguration of a Call Center Worker

So, this is my own inaugural ball. The point of this whole blog is to give me something else to do with my day other than my job. I don’t want it to be about me ranting on and on about my day, thinking that for some reason you would care that I had toast for breakfast, even if I really had the protein shake.

I’m originally from Montana. That wasn’t where I was born, though, and it isn’t where I spent most of my childhood. It is the place where I made my larger life choices and the first place I chosen to move away from. I now reside in Auburn, WA. Before here I lived in Portland, Ore. and I plan on living in many other places before I die. I love self-sustainability and, as soon as money and time allow, I will have my own garden with chickens and goats. I love foraging for foods as well.

So, as the boyfriend plays Skylanders Giants and I watch television I bid you all adieu. Until next time.


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